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The Honor Flight

Honoring our Heroes My new favorite charity is the Honor Flight . This organization provides WWII veterans all expense paid trips to Washington DC to view the WWII memorial. The trip lasts three days and two nights, and includes many thoughtful ceremonies and speeches. My grandfather, who served on the USS Pennsylvania (yes, he was on board when the Japanese torpedoed his ship), will be participating in the Honor Flight next month. He will be traveling with my Uncle, who is a veteran of the National Guard. Getting Others Involved Along with many of my family members, I would love to travel with my grandfather on the Honor Flight. However, that's just not practical -- this trip is meant to honor as many veterans as possible, and those of us who aren't WWII veterans take up room on the trip that could otherwise be filled by veterans. However, my family and I very much want to support my grandfather as he travels to and from Washington DC. Much to our delight, leaders of the Honor

Final Days of Sharing the Bliss

I've been sharing the bliss for the last two weeks and it has been incredibly fun. Just a few quick updates and some more photos (sorry for all of the space at the top of the post -- I can't figure out why that's happening!). I brought the necklace to work again, where my co-worker Regan tried it on (pictured above). She was great to photograph -- she was all smiles when wearing the 16-carats, but all frowns when she had to take it off and put on her own necklace. Hilarious! I also brought the necklace to grad school at Northwestern with me. In a room where there are only two other guys, it's safe to say that the necklace received rave reviews. I also took some more photos of Monica in the necklace (above). This time we made sure to include some Hershey's Bliss in the photo since they made this whole experience possible. Monica and I went for our nice night out and we also went dancing -- just as I had promised in my entry to the Share the Bliss Contest. It was a wo

The First Four Days of Sharing the Bliss

Friday, October 9, 2009 I received my Hershey's "Share the Bliss" prize package at work around 10:00 a.m. The FedEx package contained the 16-carat necklace, a copy of The Necklace by Cheryl Jarvis, and three bags of Hershey's Bliss candy (I thought I was only getting two!) At work, I happily shared the bliss of the necklace with my co-workers by letting them all try it on. (Well, actually, I was the first one to try it on!) We took photos of each other and had a blast with the necklace. It is really fun to watch people react to wearing a necklace worth $32,000. Friday night, my wife Monica and I visited our high school as part of our high school reunion weekend (we went to high school together). She wore the necklace under a heavy coat and sweater since we sat outside in the cold to watch the homecoming football game. I grabbed all of our friends' attention at the game and proudly told them about the Share the Bliss contest. I ended the story by shouting, "an

Hershey’s “Share the Bliss" Contest

Two Facts about Me I do not like chocolate and I’m male. So, you probably wouldn’t think that I’d enter a contest in which two of the three prizes for the winner are: The opportunity to wear a women’s 16-carat diamond necklace for two weeks and Two bags of Hershey Bliss chocolate But, if you thought I wouldn’t enter a contest with those prizes, you’d be wrong, because I entered the Hershey “Share the Bliss" Contest as a gift to my wife, and those are the prizes. You see, the love for my wife and my desire to make her happy far outweigh the fact that I don’t like chocolate and I’m a male – I’d enter the contest for her, not me. (Awwww…) Like I said, I did enter the "Share the Bliss " contest… and I’m one of five grand prize winners! (FYI, the third of three prizes is a copy of the book The Necklace . So what does this mean? I received the 16-carat diamond necklace today and I’ll be sharing its bliss with my wife for two weeks. I’ll also be shari