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Give a Dog Some Water

All Dogs Go to Water Bowls I was walking on a sidewalk in Chicago's Old Town neighborhood when I came across what you see pictured on the right: a dog-walking stop with a bowl of water for people's dogs. What a great idea. In a neighborhood filled with dog lovers, a restaurant saw an opportunity to extend some friendliness to the community in a unique way. I imagine that on nice days, several dogs take advantage of this rest stop and over time, dogs may even lead their owners to the front of this restaurant while on a walk. Does this little gesture lead to immediate sales at the restaurant? Probably not. But it lets the community know that the restaurant employees care about their dogs and therefore the people in the community. It's a little touch that goes a long way.   Add This To Your To-Do List   Are there easy ways for you to engage your local community? If you have a physical location, there are likely plenty of opportunities — sponsor a youth baseball team,