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The Perfect Gift Whether it's for personal or business purposes, everyone will love receiving a customized bobblehead doll in their own likeness. Why? Because they start conversations and are downright fun! My family and I just bought my dad a customized bobblehead for his birthday. (Check it out on the right.) He's a teacher and when he brought it into school it was a huge hit. Everyone loved it and wanted to know who gave it to him and where we bought it. We ordered the bobblehead online at . There are several other online bobblehead producers. I chose this one because I was able to see a photo of the doll's head before it shipped. We paid extra to give the doll a customized shirt, shorts, and logo on its back. It was totally worth the additional expense. Personalized Gifts are Always Best It takes a great relationship to give someone a customized bobblehead doll. You wouldn't just give a doll to anybody. That's what makes them such great gifts

Helicopter-Dropped Easter Egg Hunt

Look Out Below! On Saturday, April 3rd, 2010 (the day before Easter), Faith Lutheran Church in Aurora, IL (that's the church I attend) held an amazing outreach event for the community. At 11:00 a.m., a helicopter hovered next to our church while our pastor dumped 3,000 plastic Easter eggs onto an open field. Hundreds of children from our community then raced out to gather all of the eggs. It was an amazing sight. I was able to take some video of the event and I spliced it with some still photos that my sister took in order to make the video above. Check it out! If You Drop Them, They Will Come Our church used the drop as a great outreach event. We wanted to create some buzz in the community and invite people who might not know about our church to come out and have a fun time without strings attached. We took the idea of a classic Easter egg hunt and made it a big, bad, fantastic spectacle. My favorite part of the event was the fact that out of the 3,000 candy-filled eggs that were