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Life's a Beach — Corona Sponsors Cancun's Air Traffic Control Tower

Flying High The air traffic control tower in Cancun, Mexico is blanketed with an enormous Corona logo. That's such a great place for Corona to advertise — the brand has aligned itself with images of the beach for years. And Cancun is one of the most popular beach party cities in the world — especially for US college students on spring break. Corona's sponsorship got me thinking: what other brands should sponsor air traffic control towers around the world? In other words, what brands have aligned themselves with cities or destinations around the world? I came up with five ideas. Can you add more to this list? Rice a Roni — San Francisco, California Foster's Beer — Sydney, Australia Uno Pizzeria — Chicago, Illinois Coors Light — Denver, Colorado Pat's King of Steaks — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Add This to Your To-Do List Creating a brand with a powerful association with a specific city is difficult to do on a national and worldwide scale. However, when it's don