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When a Car Drives Through Your Restaurant

Have Fun with It A car drove through the front of our local Chinese takeout restaurant. After boarding up the windows, the owner of the restaurant could have wallowed in his misfortune, but instead, he chose to have fun with it. Check out the sign he posted on the front door: "We are open! Come in and enjoy delicious Chinese food (food was so good that car had to come in as well). Thank you!" I love this attitude. I told the owner that to really take advantage of this unfortunate situation, he should create a food special called the Runaway Car Special. That would have closed the loop and made this event good enough for every customer to tell their friends. "A car drove through our restaurant to get this specific item -- that's how good it is." Wouldn't you try that item? I would. Add This To Your To-Do List When things happen outside of our control, the most important thing is how we react. Sometimes bad luck, bad press, or a bad decision gives us the op