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Hops for Flops: An Ad Campaign Idea for a Beer Brewer

Image from Wired . A beer maker needs to create an ad campaign making fun of the worst part of soccer: the flops . Flopping has become an epidemic, rendering some games almost unwatchable. The Wall Street Journal even published an article (premium) analyzing the worst offenders so far in the 2014 World Cup. From the article: "During the first 32 games [of the World Cup], there were 302 players who could be seen at some point rolling around in pain, crumpling into a fetal position or lying lifeless on the pitch as the referee stopped the match." There are two ways to make the flopping more bearable, and both could be combined into a great ad campaign for a beer maker. Let's call it "Hops for Flops." Turn all of the soccer flops into a drinking game. Buy your favorite brew and take a drink of your hops with every flop. What if flopping extended beyond soccer and into peoples' every day lives? Wouldn't that be ridiculous? I can see the ad campaign n

Deep Inside the Shark Tank: 6 Questions with Kodiak Cakes

I love ABC's hit show Shark Tank. I also love making pancakes with Kodiak Cake mix because it's all-natural, made of whole grains, and tastes great. Imagine my surprise last month when Joel and Cameron from Kodiak Cakes walked onto Shark Tank and pitched the Sharks on investing in their business. I was thrilled! Naturally, I had to track down Joel and Cameron and see if they'd share some insight into preparing for Shark Tank and what has happened since appearing on the show. Luckily for me, they were willing to jump on the phone for an interview. All Shark Tank fans are sure to enjoy this rare glimpse inside the minds of two people who stood in front of the Sharks and lived to tell their story. President Joel and VP of Sales Cameron were seeking $500,000 for a 10% of their business. Ultimately, they chose not to make a deal with the Sharks.  Thank goodness. Here's their story: Tell us how you prepared for your time on Shark Tank. We prepared so much that it would be