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Bobbleheads 2 and an Announcement

A Bundle of Joy I have previously written that bobblehead dolls make perfect gifts because they are personalized and they symbolize meaningful relationships. For Christmas, my wife and I gave my wife’s mother a bobblehead doll of herself (see the pictures on the right). The doll is wearing a shirt that says, “#1 Grandma.” That’s right — we used the doll to tell her that we’re going to have our first baby next year. Bobblehead dolls don’t just make great gifts — they make great announcement vehicles, too. My wife’s mother will now be able to bring the doll with her to work and show everyone in her office that she’s going to be a grandmother. In a way, we gave my wife’s mother a word of mouth marketing tool to help her spread the message that she’s going to be a grandmother. How fun! Add This To Your To-Do List My advice is the same as it was after the first time we bought a bobblehead doll: Give someone a bobblehead doll! Will it be the retiring executive for a long-time client? Your l

Naperville Residents Spell Peace for Holiday Card

Say "Peace" To add a little twist to the city's 2010 holiday card, the mayor of Naperville , IL invited all 145,000 of the city's residents to a photo shoot for the cover of the card. And on Friday, November 26th at 2:00 p.m., my wife Monica and I showed up alongside 500 of our neighbors to make holiday card history. Collectively, we Napervillians spelled out "peace" and posed for a few pictures. Monica and I were in the second E, in the stem between the top and middle horizontal bars. The event was well organized by city staff and volunteers. Two news helicopters and a handful of reporters showed up to cover the event and everybody seemed to have a good time. The Evolution of the Holiday Card This event got me thinking about how far the corporate holiday card has come. It wasn't too long ago when they were just simple cards. Then came e-cards. E-cards went to another level with Jib Jab . Then came those customized e-cards that include your name througho