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Porta Potties: Hilarious Product Names

I think the most entertaining product names in any one industry belong to the portable toilet industry. Porta potty names are hilarious! Here are eleven real portable toilet companies I found: The Honey Bucket Johnny on the Spot A Royal Flush Honey Do's Gotta Go Don John's Super Loo Pit Stop Pot-O-Gold Oui Oui (my favorite name) Floaters (slogan: "You Float 'm, We Tote 'm") See how much I love my readers? I researched porta potties for a long time to find these companies. You're welcome! Add This To Your To-Do List Am I right? Are porta potty names the most entertaining? Or is there another industry with even better names? It just goes to show you — sometimes the stinkier the industry, the better you'll stand out with a clever name. There's never a lack of ideas. PS If you're in the mood to see some hilarious slogans from septic tank businesses, check out this Reddit .

Happy Sixth Birthday to My Blog

Another year is in the books and I've still been able to blog once in a while. My blog has never been viewed more than in the past year, so thank you for your increasing interest in what I have to say. And now, according to tradition, I'd like to highlight my favorite posts from the last year: The Perfect Souvenir for a Harry Potter Fan — I blogged several times about Harry Potter over the last year. This is my favorite because of the video. Hops for Flops: An Ad Campaign Idea for a Beer Brewer  — Beer makers, there's still time to implement this idea for the next World Cup. Poop in the Pool: The Psychology of Illusions (Part 1) Stop Calling Them Millennials When Selling Lawn Ornaments, Fill Your Lawn with Ornaments Add This To Your To-Do List Enjoy my favorite posts! There's Never a Lack of Ideas