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2018 Super Bowl Ads: Match the Celebrity Endorsers

Five years ago, in an attempt to demonstrate the ridiculousness of including hashtags in Super Bowl commercials, I started creating annual quizzes to test which hasthags were memorable. Not many were. Because most hashtags are silly.  The only acceptable hashtags in advertising are a brand’s name. Five years later, advertisers have gotten the message. I only counted eight total hashtags shown in Super Bowl ads this year. I couldn’t even make a good quiz. This year, it seemed like more ads included well-known celebrities than in previous years. So here’s an all-new quiz for you: Can you match the celebrity with the endorsed brand from its 2018 Super Bowl commercial?   Add This To Your To-Do List Take the quiz! Add your score to the comments, below. There’s never a lack of ideas. Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore via WikiCommons.