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#Super Bowl #Hashtags 2016

In what has become an annual tradition here at the Never a Lack of Ideas blog, I monitored all of the Super Bowl commercials and kept track of all of their hashtags. For the first time, I noticed a sharp decline in the number of ads that had hashtags tied to them. And, Super Bowl advertisers have obviously been reading my blog because we saw far fewer random hashtags this year than in any year past. After all, the best hashtag (if you really must have one), includes your brand name. Take this year’s quiz — it’s just 10 hashtags — and leave your score in the comments below. Good luck!   Add This To Your To-Do List Take last year’s quiz and bring back fond memories of hashtags you couldn’t even remember immediately after last year’s game. I've posted t he answers to this year's quiz in the comments below. There’s never a lack of ideas.