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You Can’t Say No To Everyone

Two years ago, when I wrote the book on setting marketing priorities , inherent in the book, but not specifically discussed in detail, was the need to ignore a lot of marketing opportunities. In theory, it's easy to do this. But in practice, it's more complicated — at least, for me. When I was in college, applying for marketing internships in extremely creative ways but never hearing anything back, I vowed that when I was a marketing professional, I would always reply to everyone who contacted me, even if only to say no. "Saying no is better than saying nothing at all," I thought. But then I became a professional marketer and realized that's just not possible. There just isn't enough time in the day to respond to every opportunity. From marketing vendor inquiries, donation requests, and people looking to network or land a job, I could easily spend my entire day just saying no. This is Hard for Me I struggle with this. I'm a nice guy and I want