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“Slap Yo Mama”

Yes, I'm Talking About Yo Mama Saha is a fine dining, Arabic fusion restaurant in San Francisco. Everything about the place is classy — the food, the atmosphere, and the service. Yet, Saha has an item on their dessert menu called "Slap Yo Mama" (see photo of the menu on the right). When I asked our server why the dessert was called Slap Yo Mama, she said, "Because after you try it, you'll slap yo mama for never cooking it for you when you were younger." Hilarious! We tried it and it was delicious. And anybody who tries it will tell all of his friends about it (just like I'm telling you). It's memorable, catchy, and just the right kind of silly. Add This to Your To-Do List Even if you work for the most buttoned-up organization in existence (well, maybe except for the IRS), you can always find some small way to do something a little different -- perhaps even a little silly -- to get people talking about you. Clever things are just so much more memo

White Castle Love Inspires a Taco Bell Fiesta

Featuring Tons of Hot, Steamy Buns Once again, participating White Castles are transforming their restaurants for Valentine's Day. The restaurants will treat patrons to candle-lit dinners on tables with tablecloths and fresh flower centerpieces. It's a fun, recession-friendly way to celebrate Valentine's Day. The tradition has developed over the past few years and it generates a lot of great press and overall buzz for White Castle. I Smell Another Good Idea White Castle's success with Valentine's Day gave me an idea: Taco Bell should hold Cinco de Mayo parties at all of its restaurants. Just imagine the fun: Live Mariachi bands Piñatas Free Taco Bell sombreros for everyone It would be a great time -- and it would be affordable. I imagine that the typical Taco Bell customer would love the idea and social media outlets would explode with updates and pictures from all of the festivities. Taco Bell would get massive amounts of great PR and we'd get a terrific night