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Dear LinkedIn: Where’s My Party?

I did it! I reached 500 contacts on LinkedIn. It's the highest number of contacts reported by the site — it only shows "500+" contacts from here forward. I've been watching my total ever since I hit 450 and I've been getting increasingly excited about hitting 500. When I hit 500 today, I expected a congratulatory email, a new view of the site, or maybe some other cool surprise when I logged in. But instead I got... nothing. Any Excuse for a Party LinkedIn is missing a perfect opportunity to reward its power users with something special when they hit 500 contacts. It would have been so easy for them to send me an email to say thank you for using the site. Or they could have Tweeted a congratulatory message to me today. But instead, my big moment was anticlimactic. I'm an important user for LinkedIn: I've given them tons of information about myself, and I'm on the site a lot, so I see a lot of ads. It's in their best interest to keep me co