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The Southwest Rap

Rapper's Delight Have you seen the Southwest Rap video? It's a YouTube sensation that features energetic flight attendant David Holmes, who puts his own spin on the pre-flight instructions that attendants give to passengers before every flight. The video went viral about a year ago and it demonstrates Southwest's unique take on customer service — the airline encourages its flight attendants to be creative in their work and to have fun at their job. I love the Southwest Rap. I think it shows how much fun Southwest is as an airline, and it makes me want to be a part of that fun during my next flight. That's a Rap I think Southwest should capitalize on the video's popularity by holding a Southwest Rap Video Contest. Southwest should ask people to submit their own Southwest Rap to the company's YouTube channel . Video submissions could be about how much people love Southwest or their favorite places to fly with Southwest. The topic would be open to interpretation.

The Exclusivity of Butterbeer

Florida or Bust Orlando, Florida is the only place on Earth in which you can buy a glass of official Butterbeer, the imaginary drink that author J.K. Rowling wrote about in each of the seven Harry Potter books. You can only buy Butterbeer at Universal Studio's " Wizarding World of Harry Potter " exhibit, part of Universal's "Islands of Adventure" theme park. Rowling was personally involved with the creation of the recipe for Butterbeer. Certainly, she and her business partners had offers to license the product and sell it online and in stores around the world, but she declined all offers in an attempt to make the theme park the only place in which the drink can be bought. In doing so, Universal Studios has created exclusivity for Butterbeer. If you want some, you're going to have to go to Orlando to get it. If You Brew It, They Will Come Having a product or service that is exclusive to your business is a very powerful word of mouth marketing tool. It gi

Famous Dave's Plays the Name Game

Calling All Daves On August 1st, 2010, barbecue restaurant Famous Dave's ran a great promotion in which it offered a free entrée to people whose first name is Dave, David or Davy. Anyone with the middle name of Dave, David or Davy received a half price entrée. I love this promotion because it's buzz-worthy, fun, and promotes the Famous Dave's brand very well. And doesn't everyone know someone named Dave that they could tell about this? Since learning about Famous Dave's promotion, I've been thinking about other stores, restaurants, and products that could run a similar promotion. Join in the fun— what would you add to this list?! Ann Taylor — Free necklace to anybody named Ann or Annie Ashley's Furniture — 15% discount to anybody named Ashley Carl's Jr — Free burger if your name is Carl Claire's Boutique — Free pair of earrings for anyone named Claire Dick's Sporting Goods — Buy one, get one free to anyone named Richard or Dick Eddie Baue