The Exclusivity of Butterbeer

Florida or Bust
Orlando, Florida is the only place on Earth in which you can buy a glass of official Butterbeer, the imaginary drink that author J.K. Rowling wrote about in each of the seven Harry Potter books. You can only buy Butterbeer at Universal Studio's "Wizarding World of Harry Potter" exhibit, part of Universal's "Islands of Adventure" theme park.

Rowling was personally involved with the creation of the recipe for Butterbeer. Certainly, she and her business partners had offers to license the product and sell it online and in stores around the world, but she declined all offers in an attempt to make the theme park the only place in which the drink can be bought.

In doing so, Universal Studios has created exclusivity for Butterbeer. If you want some, you're going to have to go to Orlando to get it.

If You Brew It, They Will Come

Having a product or service that is exclusive to your business is a very powerful word of mouth marketing tool. It gives people something to talk about. The exclusive thing that you offer doesn't need to be referenced in the best selling series of books of all time; it just has to be memorable and great within your product/service category or your location. Maybe the dessert your restaurant offers is one-of-a-kind in name and taste. Or, your oil change business is the only one in town with massage chairs in its waiting area. No matter how big or small, an exclusive, desirable product or service offering will generate great results for your business.

Add This To Your To-Do List

What is your business known for? If you don't sell the most unique product or service in your category, you can always find some small way to do something a little different to get people talking about you. Do some brainstorming — start small and see where your ideas take you.

There's never a lack of ideas.

PS Butterbeer is absolutely fantastic. It tastes like butterscotch root beer with a creamy, delicious, foam head on it. Congratulations and thanks to all those involved in its creation!


  1. So, how did that scarf feel in 90+ degrees and 100%+ humidity?

  2. Also the only place you can get a wand made at Olivander's just for you, right?

  3. Love that photo of you in Harry Potter's world! You fit right in!!

  4. Yum! Sounds good! Hope you had a bloody good time in Harry Potter land!

  5. Thanks for all the comments, friends. I couldn't even feel the heat as I gulped down the delicious, refreshing Butterbeer. And yes, Scott, I believe the wand fitting is exclusive as well. Great point.

    And to Kelly and Jill, we did, indeed, have a bloody good time. There were so many people in costumes. I loved it!


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