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IES Abroad: My Favorite Integrated Campaign (Part 4 of 4)

We've made it to the final post in this series about my favorite ads of all time. Part 1 was about print ads, part 2 was about TV ads, part 3 was about digital ads, and today is about my favorite integrated marketing campaign of all time. (When I say "integrated," I mean one idea that spans all forms of marketing communication.) Admittedly, I'm biased about this one because my favorite integrated campaign is actually one that I worked on. Part 4: My Favorite Integrated Marketing Campaign If you've read my book and/or watched my TEDx talk , it will come as no surprise to you that my favorite integrated marketing campaign is IES Abroad's "Your world [redefined]" campaign. In my last year working at IES Abroad, our marketing team created simple signs printed on standard white pieces paper that said, "_______ [redefined]" and sent them to our students around the world. We invited them to write in the blank space something in their

Tipp-Ex: My Favorite Digital Ads (Part 3 of 4)

For the past three days, I've been posting about my favorite ad campaigns of all time. In part 1 , I wrote about my favorite print ad campaign. In part 2 , I revealed my favorite TV ad. Today I've written about my favorite digital ads. Part 3: My Favorite Digital Ads   Tipp-Ex is the UK's version of Wite-Out. A couple of years ago, they launched a very popular digital video of a hunter shooting a bear . After that successful campaign, Tipp-Ex upped the ante and launched Tippexperience2 . Check out the video on the landing page in that second link, type in a new year at the end of the video, and then enjoy the magic. They created 46 different videos, representing 46 different time periods in history for this campaign. Have fun trying to stump it. It's fantastic. I love this campaign because it's fun and engaging. You don't even think of it as an ad -- it's entertainment. It's a great way to leverage a digital platform that provides a limitless op

Eagleman: My Favorite TV Ad (Part 2 of 4)

As a Halloween treat, I'm writing about my favorite ad campaigns of all time. In part 1 , I wrote about my favorite print ad campaign. Today I'll reveal my favorite TV ad. Part 2: My Favorite TV Ad In 1993, Eagle Insurance released what some have called the worst TV commercial ever created. But I call it the best. It's memorable for a lot of reasons: The cheesy writing and acting The ridiculous Eagleman character The fact that Eagle *man* lays an egg When the ad came out, I was often heard around the house saying, "oh, look at those low rates" just like the women at the end of the commercial. I find it just as funny today as I did back then. Some high school students even created a behind the scenes video about the making of this commercial. A few years later, Eagle Insurance embraced the cheesy hit they had on their hands and one-upped themselves with the equally-amazing Eaglewoman commercial . It starred Chicago radio personality Mancow Muller — I