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The Perfect Souvenir for a Harry Potter Fan

My sister and I just visited the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour outside of London and we came back with the greatest souvenir these two Harry Potter fans could ever own: videos of ourselves flying on brooms, just like in the Harry Potter books and movies. YES!!!! Enjoy the video above . I've shown it to my wife and kids many, many times. It's time you saw it, too. As a marketer, I love this souvenir because it's something that visitors will take and show to people after their trip. Maybe you didn't even know that Warner Brothers kept two of its Harry Potter studios open after filming ended and that you can now tour them if you can get to Watford, England. But now you do, and that's because I've shared this video with you. I paid for a copy of this video and now I'm telling all my friends about the studio. Incredible. And this souvenir is so much better than just a t-shirt; it shows my friends exactly what they'll get to do if the