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When Selling Lawn Ornaments, Fill Your Lawn with Ornaments

My wife took this picture while we were in western Illinois on vacation a few weeks ago. I had to do a few u-turns to get the perfect shot. It shows the sign in front of a business that sells lawn ornaments. But where are all the lawn ornaments?! I commend the business for having a sign that is very easy to read. That's a big part of my first marketing must-have . But in this instance, the company owners need to fill their own lawn with tons of ornaments so we can see what they sell. Fill that thing with all the gnomes, birdbaths, orbs, fake flamingos, artificial deer, and metal art they can possible cram onto their lawn. They have the perfect opportunity to display their products in the exact way they are used. The sign is fantastic. Just go one step further. Add This To Your To-Do List Review the five marketing must-haves and ensure you're doing each one as well as possible before moving on to any other marketing tactics. There's never a lack of ideas.