Hershey’s “Share the Bliss" Contest

Two Facts about Me
I do not like chocolate and I’m male.
So, you probably wouldn’t think that I’d enter a contest in which two of the three prizes for the winner are:
  1. The opportunity to wear a women’s 16-carat diamond necklace for two weeks and
  2. Two bags of Hershey Bliss chocolate

But, if you thought I wouldn’t enter a contest with those prizes, you’d be wrong, because I entered the Hershey “Share the Bliss" Contest as a gift to my wife, and those are the prizes. You see, the love for my wife and my desire to make her happy far outweigh the fact that I don’t like chocolate and I’m a male – I’d enter the contest for her, not me. (Awwww…)

Like I said, I did enter the "Share the Bliss" contest… and I’m one of five grand prize winners! (FYI, the third of three prizes is a copy of the book The Necklace.

So what does this mean?
I received the 16-carat diamond necklace today and I’ll be sharing its bliss with my wife for two weeks. I’ll also be sharing it with my family, friends, and co-workers. I’ll take lots of pictures and update my blog as often as I can. We’re headed to our high school reunion this weekend, where my wife will be sporting the necklace in all of its glory.

Add This To Your To-Do List
Stay tuned for more updates!

There’s never a lack of ideas.


  1. Can't wait to see photos!!

  2. How do you not like chocolate? Moreover, how did you do such a great job pretending to like the chocolate cake we brought for the recent dinner party? ;) Great photos of the necklace - it's wonderful to see everyone get a little extra bliss! :)

  3. One more thing you should know about me: If I'm not making the food, I eat what's put in front of me and I don't complain. :-)

  4. Congratulations Nick & Monica on your winning story. By way of introduction, I am Chapter 2 of "The Necklace", the book that inspired the Hershey Corporation to create this fabulous contest. We were honored to collaborate with Hershey's in this promotion since much like our experiment in sharing, Milton Hershey took what had once been a luxury for the rich (swiss chocolate) and made it possible for all to share in the bliss. I am certainly enjoying your two week journey with the Hershey's Bliss Necklace and look forward to meeting all the grand prize winners in New York next spring at the "In Living Pink" - YSC Annual Gala. We have a public group website on Multiply where you can follow our journey. Our next exchange is October 28th when "Jewelia" will be passed to me and we'll embark on our 6th year of sharing!
    Blissfully yours,

  5. Congrats Nick,
    It was a tough choice to make between you and the other 4 essays. I do hope you took your wife out for dinner, your surprising her was what got me.
    Hope to see you both in New York


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