Hey Marketers, Get Your Priorities Straight

I'm thrilled to announce that my first book is now available in paperback and eBook! Here's where you can get it:
  • Amazon.com – to get a paperback copy
  • Search an eBook store for the book (KindleApple iBook, Nook, Google Play, and Vook)
  • Free PDF (based on the print version)
  • Infographic based on chapter six of the book
I invite you to consider leaving a review of the book wherever you acquired it. If you downloaded the PDF, I ask that you please write a review of it on Amazon — it's the least you can do for a free book, right?!

Join the conversation about setting marketing priorities by using #marketingpriorities on your preferred social networks. Share the marketing tactics you’ve prioritized and those you’ve decided to skip. If you read my book and share it with a friend, I'd love to give you a free button. Just let me know.

Independent Reviews
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  • Title: Hey Marketers, Get Your Priorities Straight
  • Subtitle: Setting Marketing Communication Priorities at Startups, Small Businesses, and Non-Profits
  • Written by: Nick Scarpino
  • Foreword by: Avinash Kaushik
  • Self-Published by: Little Shoe Publishing
  • Printed by: CreateSpace, a DBA of On-Demand Publishing, LLC 
  • List Prices: $12.99 (paperback) and $2.99 eBook
  • Paperback ISBN-13: 978-0-9891334-1-1
  • Paperback ISBN-10: 098913340
  • EBook ISBN-13: 978-0-9891334-1-8

Book Description
For startups, small businesses, and non-profit organizations, the idea of investing time and money into marketing communications can be very intimidating. Deciding between an investment in the next rising social media site, attending an industry trade show, or developing a direct mail program is daunting for businesses with marketing staffs of twenty people. Doing it with just a handful or fewer may seem nearly impossible, as the increasing number of available opportunities can be overwhelming.

This book will help you set priorities for your marketing communication investments. It walks through an easy-to-understand visual framework by which all marketing communication tactics should be considered; so as new marketing options come and go, you’ll know which ones to embrace and which ones to skip. The book also outlines the five must-have tactics all marketers must do before anything else. Real-life examples are everywhere in this book, making it easy to see exactly how the entire process works.

Author Biography
Nick Scarpino works at Google, where he uses data to uncover consumer insights for marketers. In his spare time, he writes a popular marketing blog called Never a Lack of Ideas. Over the last 10+ years, Nick has had the opportunity to work in marketing at startups, small businesses, and non-profit organizations. Nick’s marketing work has earned numerous national awards for excellence.

Nick has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from the University of Notre Dame and a Master’s Degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University.

Nick is passionate about helping companies of all sizes develop engaging marketing communication programs. Nick is also the creator, designer, and publisher of the popular family card game, What’s Wild?!.

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