The Rental Car Wrap

That's a Wrap 
Wrap Media Group has begun wrapping rental cars with advertisements in Atlanta, Georgia. I love this idea because it's filled with wins:
  1. People who rent the cars pay a reduced rate to drive the cars with ads.
  2. Advertisers gain great exposure in an exciting new way.
  3. Advertisers are able to include free samples of their product in the glove compartment of wrapped cars if they choose to do so.
The most appealing part of this initiative from an adverting point of view is the amount of data Wrap Media Group could potentially offer its advertisers about the people driving the wrapped cars, providing a great way for brands to place samples of their products in the hands of their target market. Rental car companies know the age and sex of every car renter, in addition to the frequency in which someone rents a car, which could indicate business travel or leisure travel. Rental car companies also know the size of the rental car, which could indicate the presence of a family renting the car versus an individual.

Wrapper's Delight 
If Wrap Media Group is able to place ads on enough cars, advertisers can begin to target specific groups of customers with free samples in the cars in order to get their products in the hands of people with the highest likelihood to become customers.

Wrap media group is potentially offering the best of both sides of advertising: extensive reach achieved by people seeing the wrapped ads on the road, and targeted advertising via free samples to specific people in the glove box.

Add This to Your To-Do List 
Wrap Media reminds us that there are still many new and exciting ways to reach customers through advertising. If your brand hasn't thought about leveraging new ways to reach customers recently, isn't it about time?

There's never a lack of ideas.


  1. I really like that idea to. I would love to drive a car with a car wrap. I think its a great way to advertise.


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