The Magical World of Disney Digital Printing

X Marks the Spot
My co-worker recently went to Disney World. Before she left, she was able to log onto and view detailed maps of all of Disney's theme parks. She was able to choose which attractions within each park were most appealing to her and then Disney's
website built her a customized map based on her selections. After entering in some basic contact information, Disney mailed her complimentary custom maps (see the image on the right), which included:
  • Her name at the top of the map, "The McMillan Family Guide to the Magic Kingdom"
  • A list of the attractions that she said were most interesting
  • Recommended attractions based on her selections
  • Stickers to put on the map in order to identify her resort and additional appealing attractions
The maps are beautiful and my co-worker's children, ages 5 and 3, loved them. The maps got her kids really excited to go to Disney and gave them a way to imagine what their experience at Disney would be like.

Beauty and the Beast
This example of high-quality digital printing from Disney reminds us of how special a beautifully designed, custom printed piece can be. My co-worker was able to view these maps as PDFs online, but they weren't nearly as special online as they were in living color. The printed maps are nice enough to frame.

When brochures and other marketing collateral start to take the form of artwork, they become much more than "beastly" advertisements -- they become conversation starters and things that you want to share.

Add This to Your To-Do List

Look for ways to incorporate beautifully designed printed pieces into your marketing mix. If you can create a way to customize your printed pieces, they'll be even more memorable and effective. Maybe you can commission a local artist to create a limited edition set of postcards for your business. At a time when people simply ignore the majority of advertisements that they see each day, adding some beauty and some customization will certainly break through the clutter.

There's never a lack of ideas.

A special thanks to Amy McMillan for inspiring this post.


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