Something for Everyone on the Golf Course

It’s Like a Lemonade Stand, but Without Costs
Kids who grow up on golf courses tend to try to sell passing golfers the golf balls that they find in their yards. The average proposition is something like: “$0.50 per golf ball” or “10 balls for $4.”

I saw the greatest backyard golf ball stand while playing Ruffled Feathers Golf Course in Lemont, IL (pictured above). It’s a fancy course, and it’s the fanciest setup that I’ve ever seen.

Yes, We Have That
Take a look at the golf balls that these boys were selling from their backyard (pictured, left to right):

  • Titleist ProV1s – $2 each
  • Calloways – $1 each
  • Titleists (non-ProV1s) – $1 each
  • Nikes – $1 each
  • Bags of Assorted Balls (lesser quality) – $5 for 12 balls
These boys cater to every type of golfer. Great golfers are going to go for the $1-2 balls. Hackers (like me), who don’t care what type of ball they play, will go for the dozen balls for just $5. They have an impressive line of products and a great, easy-to-understand display.

I bought a bag of a dozen golf balls, told the kids they were marketing geniuses, and happily went on my way.

Add This to Your To-Do List
The kids at Ruffled Feathers Golf Course provide us with a perfect example of segmenting potential customers and offering a product that appeals to each segment. They offer something for everyone. How do your products compare? There’s always someone out there who would be willing to pay a premium for a deluxe version of your product, and there’s always someone who wants to pay the cheapest amount possible for a lesser-quality version of your product. Are you serving the needs of all of your segments?

There’s never a lack of ideas.


  1. Gotta love kids. I remember selling anything I could! Friendship bracelets were a big one!


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