Happy 2nd Birthday to My Blog

Another Year Older
Today marks the second-year birthday of my blog. I made my first official post two years ago, today. 73 posts later and here we are. Thank you to all of my readers for making it fun to post all of my marketing ideas.

To celebrate my blog's birthday this month, I'll be digging into my past and posting about the most successful direct mail campaign I've ever been a part of — and it involved a creative use of a hole punch. Look for it later this month. Until then, sit back and enjoy my top ten favorite posts over the past year:
  1. Bobbleheads! (Part 1) | Part 2
  2. Nick's Knacks — How I Sold Myself for an Internship
  3. What Lady Gaga Should Wear to the Grammys
  4. Using a Facebook Advertisement to Land a Job
  5. The Woolly Mammoth Bus — The hardest I've worked for a post!
  6. The Exclusivity of Butterbeer
  7. Helicopter-Dropped Easter Egg Hunt
  8. IMDB Meets Google Maps
  9. When Realtors Become Commodities
  10. $#*! My Dad Says
Add This to Your To-Do List
Enjoy my top ten posts!

There's never a lack of ideas.

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