How to Advertise Your High School Reunion

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Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time helping to advertise my upcoming high school reunion. For those of us who went to school before Facebook was around, this can be a challenging thing to do – especially with a graduating senior class of 900 students.
  • Information hub. Create a website with a simple URL so that it can be easily referenced in all of your communications. Include all information about the reunion on that website – it will serve as your information hub. You will only have to update information in one place if you consistently refer your classmates to this website for information. Here’s an example.

  • Share your URL with your school. Share the URL of your website with your high school so that they can post it on their website.

  • School marquis. Ask to have the URL of your website placed on the marquis outside of your school for a week during the summer. Not much else goes on during the summer, anyway, so your school will probably be eager to put up your message. The message can be simply, “Class of 1999 reunion details at”

  • Email. Create an email about the event. There’s no easier way to share information than an email. At the end of each email, ask for the recipients to reply to the message with email addresses of those who didn’t receive the message.

  • Get Personal. There’s no replacement for personal contacts. Reach out to as many of your former classmates as you can and personally invite them to the event. Try to maintain this personal tone in all of your messages. You’re not selling a basket of drinks and appetizers, you’re selling a night of reuniting and reminiscing.

  • Facebook Event. Create a Facebook Event and invite your classmates to join. Facebook Events spread like wildfire to those on Facebook, so it’s worth doing as Facebook keeps growing and growing. The first thing that people want to know about reunions is who else is going, so make sure to allow invitees to RSVP to the event. You can also do this through an e-vite, but my personal opinion is that e-vites are for much less formal events, and anyone who doesn’t receive the original e-vite will think that they were left off on purpose.

  • Newspapers. Contact the local newspapers and let them know about the reunion details. It might be a slow news day and they might publish something about your reunion, especially if you had compelling stories from your class while you were in school. Everyone loves a follow-up story of success.

  • Mail. If possible, mail an invitation. It adds credibility to the event. If you can find enough addresses to do this, it will work extremely well.
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These are just a few ideas out of the many that I’ve been using to promote my class reunion. What are your ideas?

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