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Porta Potties: Hilarious Product Names

I think the most entertaining product names in any one industry belong to the portable toilet industry. Porta potty names are hilarious! Here are eleven real portable toilet companies I found:
The Honey BucketJohnny on the SpotA Royal FlushHoney Do'sGotta GoDon John'sSuper LooPit StopPot-O-GoldOui Oui (my favorite name)Floaters (slogan: "You Float 'm, We Tote 'm")See how much I love my readers? I researched porta potties for a long time to find these companies. You're welcome!

Add This To Your To-Do List
Am I right? Are porta potty names the most entertaining? Or is there another industry with even better names? It just goes to show you — sometimes the stinkier the industry, the better you'll stand out with a clever name.

There's never a lack of ideas.

PS If you're in the mood to see some hilarious slogans from septic tank businesses, check out this Reddit.

Happy Sixth Birthday to My Blog

Another year is in the books and I've still been able to blog once in a while. My blog has never been viewed more than in the past year, so thank you for your increasing interest in what I have to say. And now, according to tradition, I'd like to highlight my favorite posts from the last year:
The Perfect Souvenir for a Harry Potter Fan — I blogged several times about Harry Potter over the last year. This is my favorite because of the video.
Hops for Flops: An Ad Campaign Idea for a Beer Brewer — Beer makers, there's still time to implement this idea for the next World Cup.
Poop in the Pool: The Psychology of Illusions (Part 1)
Stop Calling Them Millennials
When Selling Lawn Ornaments, Fill Your Lawn with OrnamentsAdd This To Your To-Do List Enjoy my favorite posts!
There's Never a Lack of Ideas