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The Best WiFi Network Names

If you try hard enough, you can find something interesting about every type of product and service and turn that something into a great marketing opportunity.

Take routers, for example. They aren’t inherently interesting. But the way people and businesses name their wifi networks sure are.

Have you ever come across a funny wifi network name? I’ll bet you have. Maybe it’s your local restaurant or your neighbor across the hall. Why hasn’t a router manufacturer come out with a Tumblr to collect the funniest wifi network and hotspot names? Here are a few to get started:
Scarpino Portkey (that’s mine — a Harry Potter reference, in case you don’t know)Drop It Like It’s Hotspot Hot Or Not SpotNetwork-ing ItHotSpot for TeacherThis is not your hotspotNelly’s Hotspot in HerrrreI’ve previously written about how coffee filters can be interesting. Now we’re talking about network routers. You can find the fun in anything if you look hard enough.

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