Happy Birthday to My Blog

47 Posts Old
Today marks the first-year birthday of my blog. I made my first official post a year ago, today. 47 posts later and here we are. Thank you to all of my readers for making it fun to post all of my marketing ideas. In the last six months, graduate school has made it tough to post as often as I'd like, but thanks for sticking with me.

To celebrate my blog's birthday this month, I'll be posting a three-part series about three great, creative ways to get a marketing internship. I think you'll really get a kick out of the posts. Until then, sit back and enjoy my top ten best original ideas over the past year:
  1. The Future of Marketing: The Gap Meets Facebook
    (my favorite post)
  2. Christian Louboutin: Seeing Pink? (the post that started it all)
  3. White Castle Love Inspires a Taco Bell Fiesta
  4. This Picture is Worth $100
  5. The Frozen, Friendly Skies
  6. A Mini-Golf Outing (Literally)
  7. Pen Swap
  8. It's a Wedding Dance-Off!
  9. Customized Crayons
  10. How Postcards Can Get their Groove Back
As a bonus, here's one more post that's been one of my most popular: How to Advertise Your High School Reunion. Thanks again, for your support, everybody.

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Enjoy my top ten posts!

There's never a lack of ideas.

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