A Mini-Golf Outing (Literally)

Greens Fees Require a Lot of Green
Golf is expensive. And so are golf outings – especially when they serve as fundraisers. I’ve never heard of a golf outing fundraiser costing less than $75 per person. That’s a lot of green.

But mini-golf is not expensive. And it appeals to a much wider audience than golf. So we’re holding a mini-golf outing for a church fundraiser. The mini-golf course is charging us $4 per person for 18 holes as long as we get 50 players. If we charge at least $10 a person and get the required 50 golfers, we’ll raise $300.

We’re going to have people attending the outing bring prizes for things like lowest score and making a hole-in-one on specific holes, so we won’t have to buy any prizes. And we’ll have some people bring some tubs of ice cream so we can complete the outing with a nice treat at the end.

Add This to Your To-Do List

Mini-golf appeals to the young and old, and to men and women. It takes much less time to play than a traditional round of golf, and no previous experience is required to enjoy the game. Are you looking for unique fundraising ideas? More expensive doesn’t always mean you’ll raise more money or have more fun. Try a bowling outing or a bean-bag tossing tournament. If you make it fun and make it appeal to as wide of an audience as possible, you’ll raise money, have fun, and give people something to tell their friends about, too.

A special thanks to my dad, Tony, and my wife, Monica, for this great idea.

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