Pen Swap

A Closer Look
The next time you’re out to eat at a restaurant and you pay with a credit card, take a look at the pen that you’re using to sign the receipt. Chances are that the pen does not have the restaurant’s logo on it. It’s probably emblazoned with the logo of a local business.

And if you’re interested in the business that the pen is promoting, I think you should keep it. Just be sure to leave a replacement.

Take a Pen, Leave a Pen

I love the idea of a “pen swap.” Get some pens with your company’s logo on them and carry them around with you. Take a pen when its logo is something interesting to you or someone you know and leave one of your own in its place.

This isn’t stealing. The person who left the pen would want you to have it if you’re interested in what its advertising. And likewise, you’d want someone to take your pen if he/she is interested in your business.

What to Put on Your Pen

To create the perfect pen for distribution, you need to include three things on the pen:
  1. Your company’s name. If it’s legible, you can put your logo on the pen in order to this. But if the logo is too small to read, you just need your company’s name.

  2. Your company’s website address. This is how customers will find out more about your company. You could include a phone number too, but your web address is an absolute requirement.

  3. A brief description of what your company does. Notice the key word here is brief. “Pet grooming” is plenty long. So is “fine, imported cigars.” If your company is so well known by people that a description isn’t needed on the pen, then feel free to leave it off.
Add This to Your To-Do List
Make some pens and start swapping! Give some of them to your co-workers and your friends and let the fun begin.

There’s never a lack of ideas.

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