Tipp-Ex: My Favorite Digital Ads (Part 3 of 4)

For the past three days, I've been posting about my favorite ad campaigns of all time. In part 1, I wrote about my favorite print ad campaign. In part 2, I revealed my favorite TV ad. Today I've written about my favorite digital ads.

Part 3: My Favorite Digital Ads 
Tipp-Ex is the UK's version of Wite-Out. A couple of years ago, they launched a very popular digital video of a hunter shooting a bear. After that successful campaign, Tipp-Ex upped the ante and launched Tippexperience2.

Check out the video on the landing page in that second link, type in a new year at the end of the video, and then enjoy the magic. They created 46 different videos, representing 46 different time periods in history for this campaign. Have fun trying to stump it. It's fantastic.

I love this campaign because it's fun and engaging. You don't even think of it as an ad -- it's entertainment. It's a great way to leverage a digital platform that provides a limitless opportunity to create magical experiences. They couldn't run 46 different TV commercials, but they could create 46 awesome digital videos and tie them together in a great way.

While Old Spice has come out with some incredible digital work lately (Google it), Tipp-Ex gets my vote for favorite digital campaign to date. I can't wait to see what happens next in this space.

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