Host a Cell Phone Signal Party

"But will my new cell phone get a good signal in my home?"

That's the first question you should ask when you see those coverage maps from the major wireless providers.  Sure, it's great if your phone works in a ton of places around the US, but what matters most is if it works perfectly in your home. How can you be sure that it will? That's easy: have a "wireless signal party" and test it out.

Invite a bunch of friends over for a party. Have your friends who use Verizon dress in red. AT&T friends dress in blue. T-Mobile friends dress in pink. You get the idea.  Then, have them show you how good their signal is in your house. Make phone calls from their phones to check how good their reception is.

Put Your Money Where Your Coverage Map Is
If wireless companies are so sure that they have the best network, then I think they would be willing to sponsor these types of parties. Imagine if Verizon said:
We're so sure our coverage is the best that we'll give you $50 for snacks at your very own wireless signal party.
So which cell phone company is willing to try it first? Let's see them put their money where their coverage maps are.

There's Never a Lack of Ideas 

Thanks to fellow Googler John Thorton for coming up with this idea and allowing me to blog about it. You rock.

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