Making Made: Great Content Marketing (Part 2 of 3)

Great Content: Part Deux
Because great marketers know that one key to building lasting customer relationships is providing them with compelling content on a regular basis, I've decided to write a three-part series on some of the best online content creators I've seen. In my first post I wrote about the incredibly talented Amanda Blake and her daily postcard illustrations. In this post, I'd like to introduce you to another extremely talented content creator: Jeanne Haegele.

Jeanne Haegele: Queen of Making Things
Every day for more than a year, Jeanne Haegele made something and blogged about it. She created doodles, took photos, and cooked new recipes. She also made craft projects, wrote songs, made videos, and anything else she could dream up. She named her blog "Making Made" and simply made things for a year. My favorite project of hers was done on day 180 in which she made a cute little flipbook. She made an amazing video of all of her projects that is quite inspiring and shows the vast array of projects she took on within the year.

Jeanne took on this project to challenge herself to do new things. Her entire body of work is incredible. She produced the type of content marketers would pay large sums of money to use on their websites and in their e-newsletters. I think a number of lifestyle magazines would fall over themselves to partner with Jeanne. Imagine Jeanne's work featured regularly in Oprah's magazine, on Better Homes and Garden's website, or in Self Magazine. Her projects would bring a sense of youth, energy, and something new to these print and online publications.

Add This to Your To-Do List
If you want to keep customers coming back to your website or store; or keep customers opening your emails on a regular basis, consider partnering with a content creator like Jeanne. Do a few Google searches for the type of content you'd like to sponsor and you're sure to find a talented creator like Jeanne out there. Then, contact the creator and see if she would be interested in partnering with your business.

There's never a lack of ideas.

PS Thanks, Jeanne, for dedicating yourself to such an awesome project and taking us along for the ride!

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