Comment Commander un Hamburger en France

French Not Required
Right next to the French Metro stop at the Palace of Versailles is a McDonald's that gets tons of traffic from visitors around the world. We stopped in and I loved what I saw: six self-serve kiosks at which customers can place their orders in any one of five different languages. That's brilliant.

Managers at the restaurant have clearly identified that customers in the restaurant come from all over the world, they may not speak French, and they may not be familiar with all of the items McDonald's offers in France. So they give customers the ability to take their time and read about menu items in their language of choice, place their order with a credit card, and then pick up their food when it's ready.

I love innovations in fast food, so I had to take a little video of us using the digital ordering system. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed filming it.

Add This to Your To-Do List
If McDonald's can innovate its ordering system in a cool way after selling hamburgers for more than 50 years, then so can your business. How will you innovate your product or the way it is ordered?

There's never a lack of ideas.

PS The title of this post means, "How to order a hamburger in France." But you already knew that because you used Google Translate.

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