Even a Coffee Filter Can Benefit from Good Marketing

You might think that all coffee filters are the same. And, in fact, a quick look on a shelf in a supermarket or a search on Google will not reveal much differentiation between coffee filter brands. You might think there's no way to create a brand for a coffee filter for which people would pay a slightly higher price than an unbranded filter.

If you think that, you would be wrong.

I recently saw this list of 24 things you can do with a coffee filter besides make coffee. I learned a lot — coffee filters are great for cleaning windows because they are lint-free. Who knew? And I'll bet there are hundreds more uses for a coffee filter that I don't even know about.

A New Way of Thinking About Coffee Filters 
What if one brand of coffee filter crafted its brand around the idea that there are limitless ways to use a coffee filter and encouraged its customers to share new ways to use their filters? Put great content like that into the hands of a gifted marketer and the marketing strategy practically falls into place. Soon, the brand is selling more coffee filters at a slightly higher price and everyone at the company is feeling good.

Think it's impossible? Then check out Duck brand duct tape. Its brand is built on all fun ways you can use duct tape. The company even sponsors a contest in which high school students make their prom attire out of Duck Tape and submit their photos to win college scholarships.

Add This To Your To-Do List
Have you given up trying to engage customers with your brand because you think your product can't be differentiated from its competitors? Trust me: if a brand of duct tape can create a strategic brand advantage through great marketing, so can your brand. Use this post as inspiration to dust off your brand, put it in the hands of a capable marketer, and let its greatness shine.

There's Never a Lack of Ideas.

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