Naperville Sun Blog Log: Never a Lack of Ideas

My blog was featured in our local newspaper's Blog Log this month. I'd like to thank Jasmine Young for writing an excellent article and representing my blog well. Here's an excerpt of the article and a link to the entire story:

Blog Log: Never a Lack of Ideas, by Nicholas Scarpino
by Jasmine Young For The Sun | June 27, 2012

Since college, Nicholas Scarpino, 30, always had a passion for marketing. Now as a Senior Account Planner at Google's Chicago office, he constantly has a flurry of marketing ideas flooding his brain.

Three years ago, Scarpino decided to begin his blog "Never a Lack of Ideas" to pin down his thoughts.

"Blogging is a creative outlet for all the marketing ideas I have in my head that I can't directly apply to my job," Scarpino said.

"I blog about any really cool marketing strategies that I already see in existence ... and I also write about ideas that I came up with on my own."

Scarpino's most popular posts have been a three-part series about ways to land marketing internships.

In the series, Scarpino explains how to sell yourself for the job, use Facebook ads and write an "amazing" cover letter.

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There's never a lack of ideas.

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