Put the Name of the Product on Your Device: An Open Letter to All Mobile Device Manufacturers

What's Your Name?
If you have purchased a phone or tablet other than the iPhone or iPad in the last five years, it's very likely that the name of your device is not indicated anywhere on it. The manufacturer is likely listed on the back of your device (Samsung, HTC, Motorola, etc.), but not the product name (Droid, Evo, Galaxy, etc.). Isn't that crazy? Imagine buying a car that just said Ford on the back and didn't include Mustang.

If someone asked you what type of phone you have, would you be able to tell her? Maybe. But even if only one in 100 people can't remember the name of their device, doesn't it make sense to put its name on the back? How would you recommend it to a friend if you can't remember what it's called?

The Counter Argument 
Technology changes very quickly and new products come out all the time. If a new product flops and there isn't a version 2.0 produced, manufacturers don't want customers to remember the name of the device — they would rather create loyalty to their overall brand (Samsung, HTC Motorola, etc) and not a specific product that may not be offered in two years.

A Call for Change 
The above counter argument illustrates a huge flaw in the mobile device space: companies are content with producing a large number of different devices with the hope that one of them is successful enough to warrant new editions. Forget the other ones existed and don't remember their names. That's where Apple is different — it produces one phone and gets it right every time. Most device companies are playing not to lose. Apple intends to win every time.

Add This To Your To-Do List 
Mobile device manufacturers: start including names on your products. That little gesture shows us that you're committed to making great products and helps us recommend them to our friends. You are all trying to create devices that outsell the iPhone. It's time to take a page from their book.

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