Stop Paying Customers for Failing to Issue a Receipt

No Receipt, No Problem
Stores should no longer offer $5 for failing to issue a receipt. Instead, they should offer $5 if customers have to stand in line for more than five minutes. When a store offers to pay me if I don't get a receipt, I secretly hope that they don't give me one. I don't mind asking for a receipt if I don't receive one, and I'd like to have the $5.

However, I would never hope to wait in a line for more than five minutes. Even if the store offered to compensate me for waiting, I would rather move through the line quickly than have the $5.

Add This to Your To-Do List
If you're going to compensate customers when your business fails to do something, make sure you're compensating them for something they don't want to happen.

There's never a lack of ideas.

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