Google Helps You Grow (Like) Wildflowers

Google and the Beanstalk
Google recently mailed a letter to small businesses, encouraging them to use Google AdWords to grow their business. The paper on which the letter was printed is embedded with wildfire seeds. The letter's postscript reads:

"This card was printed on 100% recycled paper embedded with wildflower seeds. Plant it in a sunny spot with a thin layer of soil, add water, and watch it grow — while you watch your business grow with AdWords."

I have planted the card in a pot. Let's see if it grows.

Direct Mail is Not Dead
Despite what many bloggers might say, direct mail advertising is not dead. This mailing proves that there are still many creative ways to reach customers through the printed page that can't be achieved in another way. It's easy to measure the success of direct mail marketing campaigns, which makes them easy to test.

Add This To Your To-Do List

If you've never tried a direct mail campaign, it's time to start. Build a list of names by having customers drop their name in a fishbowl drawing for something free. Start with a small mailing that includes a clear ask — that way you can measure its success. Get creative with the piece; if nothing else, personalize the pieces by signing them by hand or by hand-writing a note at the bottom. Lastly, track the success of the mailing by giving out an offer code or tagging the piece in some way. In an advertising landscape where digital media gets all the attention, you might find that a return to direct mail is just what your business needs.

There's never a lack of ideas.

Thanks to Shauna Dugandzic for showing me Google's direct mail piece. I work for Google but the thoughts in this post are my own.

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