Hershey’s “Share the Bliss" Contest

Two Facts about Me
I do not like chocolate and I’m male.
So, you probably wouldn’t think that I’d enter a contest in which two of the three prizes for the winner are:
  1. The opportunity to wear a women’s 16-carat diamond necklace for two weeks and
  2. Two bags of Hershey Bliss chocolate

But, if you thought I wouldn’t enter a contest with those prizes, you’d be wrong, because I entered the Hershey “Share the Bliss" Contest as a gift to my wife, and those are the prizes. You see, the love for my wife and my desire to make her happy far outweigh the fact that I don’t like chocolate and I’m a male – I’d enter the contest for her, not me. (Awwww…)

Like I said, I did enter the "Share the Bliss" contest… and I’m one of five grand prize winners! (FYI, the third of three prizes is a copy of the book The Necklace.

So what does this mean?
I received the 16-carat diamond necklace today and I’ll be sharing its bliss with my wife for two weeks. I’ll also be sharing it with my family, friends, and co-workers. I’ll take lots of pictures and update my blog as often as I can. We’re headed to our high school reunion this weekend, where my wife will be sporting the necklace in all of its glory.

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Stay tuned for more updates!

There’s never a lack of ideas.

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