The Scoreboard Says What?!

A Lesson In Simplicity
I took the above photo at US Cellular Field, where the White Sox were playing the Yankees. The picture is of the White Sox scoreboard in left field. Read the message carefully. Then let me ask you: if you needed help from security, would you have time to text “rise above,” your location, and a brief description of the problem to 78464? And how are you going to remember that number in the event of an actual emergency?

Add This to Your To-Do List
Communication is about simplicity. Whether it’s a message on a scoreboard or a proposal in a boardroom, if your message is too complicated, nobody will remember it or pay attention to it – no matter what. When you’re crafting important marketing messages, find someone who is not involved in the process and ask him/her to evaluate the message for simplicity.

If your spouse, kids, or friends can’t understand the message, then there’s a good chance that your intended audience won’t understand it either.

There’s never a lack of ideas.

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