Pearl Jam Gives Fans a Reason to Jump on the Band Wagon

A Fan Club Worth Joining
When it comes to providing concert tickets to its most dedicated fans, Pearl Jam has the best ticketing system of any band in the world. The main reason is simple – the band rewards the people who have been fans of the band the longest with the best seats in the house. Any company who runs a customer reward program should pay close attention to the way that Pearl Jam issues tickets to its concerts.

The Perfect System
Pearl Jam charges $20 per year to join its fan club, called the Ten Club. In a nutshell, here’s how Pearl Jam sells concert tickets to its fan club members:
  1. Ticket Pre-Sale. Members of the Ten Club are able to purchase a limited number of tickets to any of the band’s shows via Concert tickets are available to Ten Club members before they go on sale to the general public.

    Benefit of joining the fan club:
    The opportunity to purchase tickets before the general public.

  2. Ticket Distribution. When purchasing tickets, fan club members do not choose their seats. Instead, the fan club assigns tickets to its members based on how long someone has been a member. The longest-standing members get the best seats at the shows.

    Benefits of joining the fan club:
    The band’s most dedicated fans are rewarded with the best concert seats and there’s not a huge online rush to grab the best concert seats.

  3. Front Row Chance. So why would someone join the fan club today if they’re going to be relegated to the back of the concert hall? Because Pearl Jam reserves the front or second row and the tenth row of each concert and randomly picks fan club members to fill those seats

    Benefit of joining the fan club:
    You have a chance to see the band from within the first ten rows no matter when you joined the fan club.

  4. No Scalping. Fan club members cannot pick up their tickets to the show until the day of the concert, and they must show a photo ID to pick up their tickets.

    Benefit of joining the fan club:
    This system makes it very hard for scalpers to purchase Pearl Jam concert tickets ahead of the show and drive up ticket prices by scalping them online.

  5. Relive the Experience. Pearl Jam sells bootlegs to all of its concerts on its official website. For only $20, fans can download mp3s from their concert and relive the experience over and over again.
Add This to Your To-Do List
How are you rewarding your most loyal fans? Do you offer them a pre-sale on your newest items? Do you announce to your fans your latest company news before posting it on your website? Your fans need to feel special, and they need to be given perks that aren’t available to casual fans. These are your die-hard supporters – the folks who will always talk about you to their friends. Engage them, make them happy, and make them feel special. Do these three things and you’re certain to reap long-term rewards.

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