Dear Ashton Kutcher

A Pleasure to Tweet You
Ashton Kutcher is a force on Twitter. He has more than 900,000 followers on the micro-blogging platform. And he uses his fame to do good deeds. He has recently pledged that if he earns one million followers before CNN does, he’ll purchase 10,000 bed nets through on April 25th – World Malaria Day. If you’re not following him on Twitter, you should be. His name is @aplusk.

I really respect what Ashton is doing and I hope other celebrities follow his lead.

It’s Time for Ashton’s Followers to Give Back
Ashton is helping great causes through his prowess on Twitter. While Ashton has nearly a million followers on Twitter, he is currently following only 70 people. I think that Ashton Kutcher needs to hold a raffle for folks who want him to follow them. One winner would be chosen. Ashton would agree to follow the winner and interact with them on Twitter as he sees fit. Here’s how it would work:
  1. Ashton would work with his favorite charity to create a special donation page on the charity’s website.
  2. Through the special donation page, anyone with a Twitter ID could purchase a chance to be followed by Ashton for a donation of at least $5.
  3. Only one chance could be purchased per Twitter ID. We’re all encouraged to donate more than $5, but that’s all that’s required.
  4. After a couple of weeks, Ashton pulls a winner and posts a video of the selection of the winner online. Or he announces it on Larry King Live. Or Oprah. Or both – wherever he can get the most publicity for his charity.
Help Him Help Charity
I suspect that at least 100,000 of Ashton’s followers would kick in an average of $10 per person for this cause. Why? Because it’s fun and it will help a great cause!

That’s an immediate million dollars for charity. A MILLION DOLLARS!

Ashton, let’s make this happen. I’m in for $20 right now. Anybody else?

Add This to Your To-Do List
First, start following Ashton on Twitter. Then, send him a Tweet and tell him that you support this idea. Link to this blog post in your Tweet and let’s raise some money for charity. And remember – one lucky winner will be followed by Ashton Kutcher. It’s a win-win situation for everybody.

Now if I could just get Ashton’s wife Demi Moore to convince Christian Louboutin to raise money for breast cancer research

There’s never a lack of ideas.

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