The Train Has Left the Station – Without Ads

Out of Money
Metra is the public transportation train system that connects Chicago with its suburbs. For the last five years, Metra has been in desperate need of a capital bill funded by the state of Illinois. Because of this, Metra needs money – a lot of money – and they need it sooner rather than later.

Advertise – It’s Simple Metra does not advertise on the inside of its train cars right now. It advertises on train platforms and in between train cars, but not inside of the train cars. CTA and Pace, the other public transportation providers in Chicago, advertise inside their trains and buses. Why doesn’t Metra?

Look at the photo I’ve posted here. There is plenty of space in the train car to advertise, and I’ll bet that there are plenty of advertisers who would be very interested in advertising to the market that Metra serves.

Advertising on Metra trains could generate millions of dollars in additional revenue for Metra. I’m guessing that the average Metra rider spends 40 minutes on the train per one-way commute. Advertisers will line up for that kind of exposure.

Advertising is Not the Cure-All

Revenue from advertising on Metra train cars will not cure all that ails Metra. But it will help and it should be done immediately. It will also show customers that Metra is willing to do whatever it takes to maintain low fairs and continue to provide excellent service.

Add This to Your To-Do List
Are you doing everything you can to keep costs low while keeping your quality at a consistent level? Everything? Ask yourself if there additional steps you can take to generate a few more dollars of income, Maybe it’s through selling advertising. Maybe it’s simply clearing out some of your junk and selling it on Ebay. What are your ideas?

There’s never a lack of ideas.

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